For more than thirty years, Cavalier has prided itself on bringing meat eaters the very best red meat products, from farm to fork. Today, the Cavalier Group delivers superior product and service via four integrated companies:

Cavalier Foods

Our meat packing plant situated outside Cullinan, Gauteng. The factory was designed to pack various retail and case ready cuts using the latest packing technology for both fresh beef and lamb. Cavalier Foods delivers countrywide utilising the company’s own refrigerated fleet.

Cavalier Livestock

Our countrywide livestock trading house, dealing in all different categories of production animals: goats, sheep, lamb, slaughter cattle and weaner cattle.

Cavalier Abattoir

Situated on the same premises as our packaging factories and feedlot, our state-of-the-art abattoirs place top priority on the lasting product integrity and unparalleled shelf-life of carcasses and primal cuts.

Cavalier Feeders

With its own in-house feed factory and purpose built to add final growth to lamb before entering the meat production chain, our feedlot is situated on Boekenhout Farm, just outside of Pretoria and houses up to 20,000 head of sheep.



Our first and foremost principle: no compromise.


As we say: “talent wins games, teamwork wins championships”


As life-long students of learning, we strive to do more with less.


The courage to do what is right even if nobody is looking.


DG Fourie

Non-Executive Chairman

JDH le Riche

Chief Executive Officer

AB Steenkamp

Livestock Director

RR Mulder

Commercial Director

LJ Viviers

Chief Financial Officer

TP Moeketsi

Non-Executive Director

DG Pule

Non-Executive Director